SCARAB (Single Cell Analysis of RNA Browser)

SCARAB provides freely browsable transcript abundance data from the Cheng et al manuscript and collaborative USCF-Nantomics project "Transcriptional programming of normal and inflamed human epidermis at single cell resolution" (DOI: ). Each point represents abundance of a given transcript in a single epidermal cell. Data is drawn from more than 80,000 epidermal cells profiled from 12 samples representing foreskin, trunk, scalp, and psoriatic epidermis. 2804 transcripts are visually browsable on this site based on abundance of 5 UMI in at least 100 cells or log fold change > .5 in at least one cluster.

Color-coding of cells is based on spectral clustering of epidermal cells into lineages and differentiation states described in the manuscript.

The full underlying data is accessible at the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA), which is hosted by EBI and CRG, under accession number EGAS00001002927.

Contact with questions related to the application or data access.